PureVPN review – zero logs and gold services

From Hong Kong, GZ-Systems company started over 11 years ago, in 2007, in order to provide VPN services. The beginning was hard, with just two servers, but over a year later, in 2008, they already had 16 locations around the world and they introduced new features that today are a standard for many VPN providers: NAT firewall and Kill-Switch.
Nowadays, 11 years later, PureVPN has over 750 servers with thousands of IP addresses in 140 countries around the world and 180 different locations, perhaps the largest variety of servers and locations offered by a VPN provider.

Pure VPN

What does PureVPN provide for users?

Besides the huge number of servers and locations, PureVPN is one of the best VPN providers thanks to its services.
The kill switch feature will cut your Internet access when your device is disconnected from the VPN server. It is a very important function. You will not risk navigating further after disconnection and expose your real IP address to any website. Thus, the PureVPN protection is maximal.

Another important and unique feature provided by PureVPN is split tunneling. With it, you will also have some traffic through your VPN server, and another part of your traffic will be through your IP address (e.g., local network traffic). With this service, you will be able to browse VPN securely while having direct access to your local area network at high speed.Pure VPN devices
You get 5 simultaneous connections, enough for the whole family, and unlimited traffic. That means you’ll be able to use the VPN continuously without thinking of traffic limits.
You can use PureVPN with almost any type of internet device: Windows, Android, Mac, iOS or Kodi, and for added safety, you get extensions for Firefox and Chrome.
PureVPN offers IPv6 leak protection, a very important service advantage. With this, you will never expose your local IP address or real DNS servers to the Internet.

Your data is secured by PureVPN

Offering 256-bit encryption, PureVPN has a rich choice of security protocols that can be easily changed by users: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP.
PureVPN also says it does not keep logs with user browsing data: “We practice Zero Log policy that means we do not record your activities or what you do online. Our commitment to preserve your online privacy is second to none”.

How much does PureVPN cost?

The many benefits offered by PureVPN should result in a huge price. But that isn’t the case here. PureVPN offers a very cost-effective subscription, for a 2-year contract you will only pay $2.88/month. This price brings PureVPN to the list of the cheapest VPNs, although its services are among the best.
You can make a contract for a month at the price of $10.95 or for a year with $4.92/month.
You do not have to worry about the quality of the services. If you are not happy with them, you can give up in 7 days and get your money back.
Payment is easy, because they offer you many methods, including PayPal, BTC, AliPay or PaySafe Card.

Do I recommend PureVPN?

If you need to unblock banned videos in your country, PureVPN is ideal. You will have access to countries from all over the world.
For a small budget over a long period, PureVPN is the best for you and I recommend it, especially if you need to change the VPN location often.


$2.88/month (2 years plan)










  • Low price ($2.88/month)
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Kill switch
  • Split tunneling


  • Only 7 days money back
  • Company too close to China

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