Windscribe review 2018

About Windscribe

Windscribe is a VPN provider from Canada, recently released on the market, but it may good enough with his proffer.

Windscribe owns VPN servers in over 50 countries all over the world (in over 100 major cities of the world)

They offer three variants of subscription: free (limited), unlimited with monthly payment and unlimited with annual payment.

Windscribe vpn webpage
Free VPN windscribe

The free account allows you to use VPN servers from a limited number of countries (11 locations) with a maximum monthly traffic of 10 GB of data (if you add a mail account address and confirm your account) or only 2GB / month if not add an email address (free servers – test connect windscribe)

You will not receive the openvpn configuration files, but you will be able to connect an unlimited number of devices to the same account.


10 GB traffic allocated monthly is not a serious problem. It’s enough traffic for normal internet browsing (less multimedia content), but if you want to lose a lot of time on YouTube, Facebook videos or Kodi, it will definitely not be enough.

Windscribe offers several options to get more traffic for free accounts. At the bottom of the page you have a “Mine for Upgrades” link. The first time you follow this link you must be logged in.

You will come to a page where if you spend more time, your computer is used for mining (with the processor) and you will earn points. At 1,000,000 points (with a decent PC, it takes less than a day to get them), you can request traffic reset and you’ll have 10 GB available again in your account. (proof here: YouTube mining for VPN)

Besides, you can get 1 GB of data for each friend who gets on the windscribe on your recommendation.

And another option to get free VPN traffic, you get 5 GB for a Tweet.

We have tested the VPN version for free and the results you will find below in this review.

Cheap VPN subscriptions for quality

Windscribe has two types of subscription for VPN services: one with a monthly subscription of $9 / month and one with an annual fee of $4.08 / month.

Besides the price (which is very competitive with the annual payment option) there are no differences between the two types of subscription.

Both subscriptions offer connections from an unlimited number of devices connected at the same time. This is the big advantage over other VPN providers that let you down with three to five or even as low as one connected device.

You will receive VPN configuration files, the ability to fire a firewall, adblock for visited pages, and you will be able to use the torrent VPN connection or watch online movies and TV programs with Kodi.

Windscribe accepts many payment methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paymentwall.

Devices supported by Windscribe

On the download page you can download software for many types of devices and operating systems: VPN for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), VPN browser plugin (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera), VPN for phone (IOS, Android and Blackberry), VPN for TVs (Amazon FireTV Gen 2+, Nvidia Shield and KODI) and VPN for routers.

How to create an account on Windscribe

Creating your account at Windscribe is very simple. At the top right click on “Sign Up”, fill in your username, password, password again and your e-mail address and click on the “Create free account” green button. You will receive a mail from Windscribe with a confirmation link to your email address. Click on the link and you will be a Windscribe confirmed user.

To login, go to the Sign Up button again, click on the “Sign In” button, fill in your username and password, click on the green “Login” button and if everything is correct, you will reach your account administration panel.

On your account page, under “Account status”, you’ll see that you have 10GB of allotted traffic (if you added a valid email address to sign-up). To switch to a subscription with unlimited traffic and unlimited number of connections, click on the “Upgrade” button, click the “Buy Now” button from the subscription you want, choose the payment method, you can leave the option “Renew account automatically? “, click on continue, fill in the details of your chosen payment method, and you will have an account with unlimited traffic and unlimited number of WindScribe connections.

Warning: It is recommended to choose your annual subscription with a 55% discount at the price of just $4.08 / month ($49 USD total / year).

How to use the Windscribe VPN service

Windscribe windows application

Once you have created your account (free or full subscription), you will be able to protect your identity on the Internet very easily with Windscribe. The simplest way is to use their software. At the top of the page, click the Download button. In the page that opened, a little below, choose your platform (Windows, Mac or Linux) and download the application.

In Windows, after you have installed the software on your page, you start it, select the country (location) and in a few seconds you will be logged in. To disconnect, click the on / off button in the login software.

In linux (I have tested in Ubuntu), after downloading and installing the software from the Windscribe page, start a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and give the command “windscribe” without any parameters. The parameter list for linux will appear on the screen.

Windscribe for linux ubuntuFor authentication: login

For de-authentication: logout

For the list of available servers: windscribe locations

For login: windscribe connect

To connect to a specific location (eg. France with the FR code in the list of available servers): windscribe connect FR

For available traffic view: windscribe status

You can test the rest of controls all by yourself.

Windscribe speed and stability

I have done several login, disconnection, stability, and speed tests for VPN services provided by Windscribe.

You can see here the results of Windscribe speed test and test of Windscribe connect/disconnect speed.

In my real-world location (Romania) I made connection / disconnection and stability tests connected to RCS / RDS and DCS, providers with high-speed Internet (subscription of 100 MB/s to both providers).

Connecting to Windscribe servers (10 GB free VPN) was done in a short time, except of West Canada and Hong Kong.

The speed of your sign-ups (from the moment you gave your sign-in until you can use your new IP address) was between 5 and 9 seconds, except United Kingdom (17 seconds) and Hong Kong (34 seconds) . Details below.

Windscribe speedtest capture France server

I tested the download / upload speed on, I did 2-3 tests on each server, of which I chose the best speed.

The response time (ping) was between 7 and 232 ms, with an average of about 100ms.

The download speed was between 1.74MB / s (HK) and 73.41MB / s (US). The average speed was about 50MB / s.

The upload Windscribe speed was between 4.45MB / s (HK) and 49.94MB / s (NL). The average speed was about 35MB / s.

From the upload / download data, I ignored my current location and Bucharest location (the country from which I did the tests).


Windscribe refund

Windscribe allows you to test the service for free. It does not differ from the paid version except by limiting monthly traffic and limiting the number of available locations.

If you have chosen to pay for a monthly or annual windscribe subscription and you are not happy with it, you can request a refund that your request is sent within 3 business days of the subscription payment.

“Windscribe accepts only written refund requests sent to our support desk. You have the right to request a reimbursement without giving any explanations. The right to be refunded is invalid if you have violated the Terms of Service and/or if you send the request after having used the Service for more than 3 days and/or if you have used the Service for a global traffic volume exceeding 10 GB. Windscribe warrants a reimbursement within 30 days from receipt of reimbursement request.” (Terms of Use from Windscribe)

From the data above, it is clear that Windscribe are worth considering when you need IP protection on the Internet. With Windscribe not only your device, but on all your home appliances, you can safely surf on the internet.

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  • Wasn’t 100% sure about Windscribe when I first heard about it, especially as there were mixed reviews, but to be fair you get that with everything. I am glad I gave it a go though, as it seems to work perfectly and provide me with the tools I need such as reliable servers, security, ad blocks, etc. It’s also reasonably priced and well maintained with updates happening every now and then, and customer service being reliable. Worth looking into and considering if you’re in need of a VPN.

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