8 Reasons Why a Cheap VPN is Exciting

An expensive service is not always the best choice. For VPNs, you need to consider many aspects, and do not think that a low price always means poor quality of service.
A VPN service is very complex and its quality depends on many factors. Firstly, you’ll choose a VPN depending on the reason that made you want one. If you just want to have another IP address you can choose any VPN service, but it’s not always the best choice. You can choose an equally inexpensive VPN service that gives you much more security on the Internet.

cheap vpn
1. Performance: is the first factor you need to think about. Why wait for minutes to load a web page or upload a video when you can choose a fast but cheap VPN.

2. Number of Servers and IP Addresses: There are many well-known and well-advertised VPN providers that have too few locations in the world or their locations are in countries of no interest to you. It’s best to choose a VPN provider with as many locations as possible so you can change your identity anytime as easy as possible. There are VPN providers that offer you lots of locations at a very low price.


3. Reliability: Because you want high-speed browsing at any time, you do not need an unstable VPN service. Choose a cheap VPN that ensures maximum uptime (or as close to 99.99% as possible).

4. Number of Simultaneous Connections Offered: An expensive VPN service with only one or two simultaneous connections must be permanently forgotten. You will need to connect multiple devices at the same time for you or for your family members. Consider a cheap VPN provider that offers at least 5 simultaneous connections.

5. Protocols & Encryption Strength: You do not know yet when you need to use VPNs for purposes other than the one proposed or with some devices that can not be used with the standard software provided by VPN. For multiple purposes and devices, you need multiple sign-in protocols. Choose a VPN provider that offers at least the OpenVPN protocol and AES256 encryption level at a good price.

6. P2P & Torrents allowing: P2P networks and torrent software are forbidden in most of the world, but most of us use them quite often. I don’t think that you want to pay a huge fine for that or even get to jail. Choose a cheap VPN, but it must allow you P2P and torrent.encrypted world

7. Unlimited Data and Bandwidth: You hate to end your monthly subscription when you only saw half of your favorite movie or when you only saw half of the football match. You hate to load the website in minutes after the end of the monthly traffic. Your VPN must offer, perhaps first of all, unlimited speed and unlimited monthly traffic.

8. 24/7 365 Live Customer Support: When there is a problem with your VPN, you need a person who can help you, even if it is 2am or it is Sunday afternoon. It is preferable to have a live chat on your VPN provider’s website, with an employee permanently ready to answer your problems.


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