What Everyone Is Saying About Cheap VPN

If the VPN would be plastic, with strident colored LEDs and annoying sounds, we should write “Made in China” on it. But a VPN is not a cheap Chinese toy. VPN is a serious service that you need to rely on when you need it, although there are plenty of cheap VPN services.Cheap VPN toy
Many web sites try to write about expensive VPNs, to show that their expensive service is far superior to cheap VPNs. Most often the truth is different.

1. Cheap VPNs Are Slow. Wrong! They are not slow because they are cheap! Poor VPN and very crowded VPN services may be slow. VPN services are slow in locations where the internet is slow, regardless of the VPN provider you choose.
Old safe VPN

2. Cheap VPN is not safe. Wrong! If it does not keep logs related to your activity and if the service uses at least 256-bit security and multiple accepted protocols, cheap VPNs are as safe as expensive ones.

3. Cheap VPN is not stable! Wrong! If the internet is stable in the location you choose, an inexpensive VPN will be as stable as an expensive one.

4. Cheap VPN has limited bandwidth. Wrong! There are some providers offering limited bandwidth or unlimited bandwidth with different prices. There are plenty of providers offering cheap VPN services with unlimited speed and unlimited monthly traffic.


5. Cheap VPNs offer too few locations. Wrong! Some cheap VPN services offer plenty of locations. Frequently, newer VPNs have fewer locations in the world. Over time, the number of locations is changing. But newer VPNs are less crowded and cheaper than old VPN services. And you’ll often have a faster browsing speed with a new and inexpensive VPN.

6. Cheap VPNs allow third parties to collect your navigation data. It may be true for some providers, but it is also possible for some providers who say they are not doing so. It is very difficult to choose a VPN based on this criterion.Surveillance for you

7. Cheap VPNs do not offer DNS leaks protection. Although it is praised by many VPN providers (as an asset), you can also protect yourself through other methods, for example, you can set up DNS servers from OpenNIC in your router and your computer and you will be protected against DNS leaks.

There are probably many other things to say about cheap VPNs and I did not write about everything here. In future updates I will continue to write about them in this article.

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